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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Flash Transport NH


Family and friends

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Travelling to Canton, MA

Home to the Canton Bulldogs.  Located south of Boston, North of Stoughton,MA.  As a young man growing up in MA.was 🌋🏖

Reducing wasted Gas Flaring

Along the way many have said it is in the I terest of Society to tax oil Companies for their wasteful culture.  So if 150 million is wasted, then the tax could be levied at @ 37 million $ 37,000,000.00. So as citizen's of our great Country , we deserve a fair share of this, since the gas is wasted, so should their profits.
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Travelling to Litchfield, NH

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Travelling to Gray Maine

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017



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Direct deposit Payments

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Does your company make payments to Google ?

Since Google does not pay me ; Hello, Iam a Google Publisher.  Please forward your Google payments to me.  Yes Google I will forward these payments to you less my handling fee ...  See Google , the world is watching.  Time to settle your payments.  During Patriots Superbowl Games you earned how much ?  Where is my percentage ?  I created many hits for you, yet you don't pay me.  As a Harvard Family Study member I've allowed much funding to Harvard.  Now I want what is Due me too !!!
                                                    ...See it's Time to Pay the Piper ?    


Google's ability to Engage

Google controls everything no let me earn money FU Google ...If you have a system in place; yes you control your world ...  Thus, with my own tracks to run on I control my world.  However, large companies don't want you to control anything.

Google takes advantage of other's

Okay Google you sucked me in years ago.  Yet you don't pay !!!  I am going to take you to court.


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